X now “officially” allows adult content for its users after Elon Musk updated content policies.

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X now “officially” allows adult content for its users after Musk updated content policies.

In a statement, X announced the launch of updated policies regarding “Adult Content and Violent Content” on its platform.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X, formerly Twitter, has officially announced a shift in its content policies, now permitting pornographic material. In a statement, X announced the launch of updated policies regarding “Adult Content and Violent Content” on its platform. These new policies aim to provide greater “clarity” regarding the rules governing such content and increase “transparency in their enforcement”. 

These policies replace the “former Sensitive Media and Violent Speech policies”, they said, even though the underlying principles of enforcement remain unchanged.

X’s policy also extends to AI-generated and animated content. The platform permits adult nudity or sexual content, including AI-generated, photographic, or animated projections. 

What X means by ‘Adult’ and ‘Violent’ content

They clarified that “Adult Content covers our approach to sharing consensual sexual content and adult nudity,” and “Violent Content covers violent speech and violent media to allow for a more holistic approach to combating violence in all forms.” 

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“Adult content” will show full or partial nudity, including close-ups of genitals, buttocks or breasts, as well as explicit or implied sexual behaviour or simulated acts like sexual intercourse.

How to mark content on X

For users who frequently share adult content on X, the platform suggests adjusting their media settings accordingly. 

This will ensure such images and videos are placed behind a content warning, which pops up before they are viewed. There is also the option to add a one-time content warning to individual posts.

X also said that if anyone doesn’t mark their posts correctly, the platform will do it for them. 

Harmful content will be prohibited

The platform will continue to ban pornographic content that is harmful or non-consensual, as well as any material that promotes the objectification of people or harm to minors. Moreover, adult content will not be allowed in profile pictures, banners or other publicly visible areas. 

How to report content

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To report unmarked content or any other violations, use the ‘report’ option on the app.

Policy for underage users

According to the policy, users under 18 or those who haven’t provided their birth date will be unable to view posts marked as adult content. 

The decision, announced on Monday, marks a significant change in what is permissible on the platform and arrives amid pressure to protect children from looking at inappropriate content on social media.

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