What To Do When Armed Robbers Attack You; Safety Tips.

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Armed robberies are rare, but they do happen, and it is vital that you and your staff know how to keep safe during the event. Being informed and prepared is the best tool you can have.

The overall aim during an armed robbery should be to ensure the offender leaves the premises as soon as possible, without injuring or harming anyone.

1. Keep calm

Your safety is the priority. Stay as calm as possible. Most robbers don’t want to hurt anyone; they just want money or goods. Remember, the items in the store can be replaced. You can’t.

2. Listen and follow instructions

Do exactly as the offenders say. If they ask you to do something, do it – this isn’t the time to challenge them. Only give them the cash or goods they’ve asked for – don’t hand over any items they didn’t ask for. Their main goal is likely just to get what they want and leave quickly.

3. Speak only when spoken to

Entering into any conversation, even if you think you are being helpful to the offender, will only prolong the incident and may make them become more agitated.

4. Avoid eye contact, but be observant

Avoid making direct eye contact with the offender, as this can be seen as threatening. At the same time, try to make mental notes about their appearance including height, weight, clothing, or any other unique details such as scars, tattoos, accents, piercings or facial hair. This will be valuable for the police later.

5. Don’t make sudden movements

Stay where you are unless instructed otherwise. Sudden movements can be mistaken as threats. If you need to move, for any reason, tell the robber what you’re about to do. Also let them know if you need to make any movements to comply with their instructions. Don’t attempt to retaliate or attack the offender; and ensure that they can see your hands s, they know you’re not reaching for anything.

6. Don’t play hero

Only active alarms or panic buttons or sneakily call Triple Zero (000) if it’s completely safe to do so. . Otherwise, you’ll only be putting yourself and others at risk. As the robbers leave, don’t try to follow or chase them – leave that to the pros.

7. Close the store

After the robbers have left, close the business and lock the doors immediately. Don’t let anyone in except emergency services. Don’t touch or move anything and isolate areas where the offenders stood, touched, spat or bled. Make sure all staff and witnesses stay on-site and provide first aid to anyone who is injured. 

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