Top Amazing Artificial Intelligence Facts You Must Know.

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Top Amazing Artificial Intelligence Facts You Must Know.

Artificial intelligence – An overview 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence by coded heuretics. In this digital era, automation has undoubtedly disrupted traditional workplace methodologies. AI has transformed the business world like never before, enabling several industries to adapt to this anomaly successfully. Industries ranging from healthcare, automobile, agriculture, hospitality, education, and media are a beneficiary of AI, as it has assisted these companies in cost reduction, increased efficiency, enhanced customer insights, and incremented revenue. 

Fascinating Artificial Intelligence Facts to Know 

You may already be aware of some of these facts, while others may still be new to you. 

a) Most of the big corporates will integrate AI into their operations 

AI has a wide range of functional benefits to offer from an organisation’s perspective, as it streamlines operations in a (big way). Right from annual predictions, strategies, and surveys, the deployment of AI has tremendously resolved sophisticated challenges. In the present digital age, employing AI in the business’ daily functions substantially puts an entity on the competitive edge.   

b) A multitude of individuals are unaware they use AI platforms 

Most of the people using various technological platforms don’t even realise that they have interacted with AI. A massive underlying assumption perceived by these about AI is that they often overlook their regular interactions. As per Forbes, only 34% of people are aware that they directly interacted with AI  

c) Voice assistants are ruling the digital landscape 

Voice assistants have been the recent development post the chatbot. They act as assistants by voice recognition technology deciphering the user’s message and delivering appropriate responses. Alexa and Siri, as mentioned earlier, have redefined human relationships with technology. The market for voice recognition will grow to £21.65 billion GBP by 2025. 

d) Most AI bots are women  

The gender imbalance in AI has been trending ever since the birth of Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), and Cortana (Microsoft). Most of the AI bots lean towards adopting the persona of a woman due to their high ability to perceive emotions such as empathy and humanness in comparison to men. Additionally, most people prefer a female voice to a male voice. This has encouraged most of the AI to adopt a female version.   

e) AI can detect emotions 

Detecting the emotions of humans is now possible with the help of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision to detect motion and object sensors. On observing mouth, eyes, eyebrows and movements, AI can generate an analysis of the pattern and predict a human’s emotions based on the emotional scale of humans.  

f) Aids in maximising business profits 

With diverse functions within an organisation, AI has quickly emerged as a significant player in most crucial areas. From collecting actionable insights to preventing confidential and sensitive data, AI reduces malware and external attacks to ensure safety. Furthermore, AI is significant in the various verticals of a business, such as chatbots, communications, and interaction with customers allowing for real-time data collection.  

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g) AI will facilitate effective business communications 

Communication might be a surprise to you owing to the fact that humans are a crucial part of this. But it doesn’t negate the fact that AI can enhance the communication medium in an organisation by several folds. Still, doubting it? Some of the striking features to support this statement include speech recognition, data analysis, chatbots, and aid in customer interaction through Machine Learning.  

h) Chatbots are winning the market 

Chatbots for businesses are a huge boon to the industry. They are highly beneficial as they contribute to customer service, sales, and brand image. You might have often asked a query in the chatbot or raised a ticket to resolve an issue. This covers the limitation of a human being to be present around the clock and caters to individuals across the globe 24*7.

i) AI as an economic contributor 

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a phenomenal role in human lives, it has undoubtedly impacted the world’s economy in many ways. Businesses across the globe have witnessed an increase in productivity and have contributed to the economy in a drastic way. It can also estimate the goods and services produced in a country per annum, thereby helping in forecasting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of that country. As per Goldman Sachs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could accelerate the world economy by 7%. 

j) Much dreaded scenario is indeed possible  

Artificial Intelligence has been a subject of threat and controversial development. It has been debated throughout the years, attributing to the dystopian potential of AI. With many science-fictional (Sci-fi) works referring to the same, it is not very hard to process the dangerous amount of truth it could hold. Stephen Hawking has extensively researched the subject to learn about the collective threat it poses and listed preventive measures to avoid the same. 

k) Not only can AI emote- they can also pursue humans 

AI has been the buzzing word on the internet in recent years. Identifying AI with a myriad of prospects is common. But what you couldn’t associate is in terms of a romantic relationship. Sure, movies have romanticised this aspect of a romantic relationship between a human and a robot, but the reality is far from it. In China, the adolescent population is engaging in romantic relationships with AI in the pursuit of combating anxiety, depression and other mental health issues reaffirming its title of ‘lonely economy’. Due to the rising number of unmarried denizens in the country, AI has transformed how people have combatted with lack of companionship.   

l) AI can have their distinct demographics 

If you could distinctly refresh your memory about a robot being awarded citizenship, Sophia the humanoid is legally a citizen of Saudi Arabia. While it has been subject to controversies, the latest development states her interest in having her offspring and her family operate during her course of time. 

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m) AI aiding writers and becoming one – Hello, ChatGPT! 

The content industry has been exploding in growth and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. With businesses across multiple industries evolving with their content to appeal to their customers and target audience, the content writing role has exploded radically globally, re-iterating the importance of quality content. The more solid the content quality is, the more leads are being generated, which results in better sales and revenue. And how advantageous can it possibly be when an AI writer could generate much-needed quality content and bridge the gap between the requirement and human limitations. After all, humans are not content-churning machines and AI tools like ChatGPT, Word Tune, and Jasper AI are some of the noteworthy AI tools at present.  

n) AI receptivity across industries 

Businesses across the globe have continually demonstrated the significance of AI in their daily operations leading to massive adoption of this development. Leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Pfizer have invested in or merged with AI companies. It is worth noting that the majority of AI start-ups are based in the US. 

o) AI is creating art. How amazing is that? 

If you haven’t heard of Midjourney in the most recent times- are you even existing in this world? AI-generated art has transformed digital art beyond comprehension. This has created channels for artists to creatively express their soulful emotions through this medium with AI’s aid. This has led to an exploration of new art styles, methodologies and emotes judiciously.  

p) AI will kill jobs but also create many 

AI has indeed brought about the looming dread of massive unemployment to human beings. With AI cutting business costs, a lot of personnel are already laid off in many countries. On that note, it may not be entirely destructive to the job market, but it certainly does pose a threat to some of the jobs. Those include programmers, coders, writers, research specialists, accountants, traders and designers. While this can be a difficult idea to process, AI also has much potential to create more jobs.  

q) Film references 

Artificial Intelligence has made its remarks in the film industry with multiple movies representing them. Some of the notable fictional AI characters include ‘Jarvis’ from Iron Man, ‘Vision’ from Avengers, ‘The Terminator’, ‘BB8’ from Star Wars, ‘TARS’ from Interstellar, and ‘Sonny’ from I-Robot. 

r) AI is relatively lower in price 

An AI-enabled organisation can sound pretty extravagant and expensive. However, it may not be the case. This could pose a financial challenge for small businesses with budget constraints. With a large range of open AI tools available online, it bridges the gap of financial crunch and offers several advantages for businesses.  

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s) AI can be used in diagnosing illness 

As the medical industry is constantly re-shaping and growing rapidly, it is gratifying to know that AI can indeed help in its development even more. With various diseases existing at present-one cannot help but wish to eradicate all of them. While rationally, it is not doable, AI analyses various medical conditions and also presents an early diagnosis of chronic diseases. This, in turn, will contribute to more effective treatment.    

t) AI can also predict natural disasters 

Natural disasters have always wreaked havoc in numerous people’s lives, directly or indirectly. It has consumed countless people’s lives literally whilst plaguing so many other aspects of living for millions of years by now. Natural disasters act as a yang aspect of the earth, and needless to say, it has the calibre of enormous destruction. Luckily, AI can indeed analyse weather patterns and other parameters to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. 

u) Biology and automation can indeed blend together! 

Oh yes! You read that right! AI can now identify, evaluate and predict the biological age of humans. With biomarkers, AI has mastered Deep Learning in forecasting biological age across multiple citizenries. This has contributed to a better analysis of the global scale.  

v) Robot Journalism has entered the chat 

Robot Journalism is all geared up to set waves in the industry. The mass communication landscape is constantly evolving, with AI being the recent development. Robot Journalism allows AI to perform journalism activities in order to generate news content. While this might sound unconventional, AI has created a news report based on the earthquake that occurred in California, United States.  


It has become evident that AI has the ability to completely transform our way of life, from simplifying complicated tasks to helping us make better decisions. It enables you to use intelligent technologies to make innovation a reality. These are only a handful of the Artificial Intelligence Facts regarding AI. Future discoveries should be more captivating as the field continues to progress. 

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