Tarkwa: Chamber of Mines calls for air transport to drive mining hub

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Sulemanu Koney, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, has emphasised the need for air transport in Tarkwa, a mining hub that plays a vital role in Ghana’s economy.

He believes that this will enhance the operations of businesses in the area.

In an interview with Citi News on Saturday, Mr Koney advocated for a comprehensive discussion on transforming Tarkwa into a major city, comparable to other well-known cities in Ghana.

He suggested that the introduction of multimodal transportation infrastructure, such as air transport, could be a step in this direction.

Tarkwa has been home to major mining companies for many years, with operations focusing on the extraction of gold, manganese, and quarries.

Despite its significant contribution to the Ghanaian economy and promises of developing it into a mining city akin to Johannesburg, Tarkwa remains a typical town, notwithstanding its abundant mineral resources.

At the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Gold Fields Ghana Foundation in Tarkwa, Mr Koney said it was high time to engage in serious discussions about transforming Tarkwa into a true mining city.

When asked about the impact of the mining industry, particularly the Gold Fields Ghana Foundation, on mining communities, Mr Koney told Citi News that they are facilitating development in areas where the government has been unable to reach.

Abdel-Razak Yakubu, Executive Secretary of the Gold Fields Ghana Foundation, on the other hand, stated that the Foundation aims to increase its contributions to the education sector, where it has already invested over 100 million dollars.

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