Online Businesses To Start With No Money

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Online Business Ideas To Start With No Money

After the pandemic, people are launching side hustles in record numbers because being your own boss is more appealing than ever.

By operating an online business, entrepreneurs can generate income from anywhere in the world. The concept is intriguing and more attainable than ever before, but many entrepreneurs lack the knowledge to get started.

To build a successful online business this year, you must choose a company concept that complements your talents and skills. It is even possible to start an online business without investing a single penny. How? Here are some ideas for starting an online business without any money.

How to select a suitable online business for you?

The company concepts shown here are merely the tip of the low-capital potential iceberg. Here are a few pointers to help you remain composed as you go over the examples and generate your own thoughts:

  • Think of your abilities: You won’t need to spend money on more training if you build on your existing knowledge, and you can get started more quickly if you have credentials.
  • Make use of your current tools: Although you might not have the best equipment at first, making do with what you have while waiting for revenue to flow makes it more feasible.
  • Suit the timetable: While other businesses, like a blog, will need time to establish traction, some, like an accounting firm, can earn a profit rather fast.
  • Consider your financial and lifestyle objectives: Do you desire a full-time position or additional income? Do you prefer to work certain hours or during certain seasons? Making the right decision will be significant because building a business requires time and work.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to be much more selective about the remainder of the process because you’re beginning a online business with little to no investment.

Top online businesses ideas with little or no investment

1. Start a cooking vlog

If you find your inspiration while cooking, you might want to consider sharing your recipes online or giving short video tricks, tips, and guidance on social media.

Aspiring cooks looking for fresh and delicious recipes aren’t the only ones who enjoy food-related information online; others who are just bored or hungry will also find it interesting.

You can start making money immediately by establishing relationships with sponsors and promoting their products through affiliate marketing.

2. Sell digital products

Creating and selling digital products requires nothing more than access to the internet, making them ideal for those who want to launch an online business but don’t have any initial capital.

Find something in which you already have a good skillset than ordinary people. Then, go online to discover what issues are plaguing those in the field. Develop a digital product that includes your solution, such as:

  • E-books
  • Courses that you may take online
  • Exercises or sample plans

Digital goods have the advantage of being easily scalable. Using Shopify and the Digital Downloads app, make your products once and sell them as many times as possible. Unsurprisingly, many online business owners see selling digital products as a means to generate passive revenue.

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3. Create a subscription website

Websites that charge a membership fee to access exclusive content and community tools are called “membership sites.” Allowing users to become members and make a monetary contribution to your site can supplement ad revenue.

Membership sites come in a wide variety. The content on certain websites is restricted to paying members only. A community forum, Facebook group, or Slack channel are examples of others that provide members with access to such functionalities.

You must first identify a certain audience to succeed with your membership site. It must be of sufficient worth that people are willing to pay for it.

More than enough subscription software can simplify the process of creating any online community. Several subscription plans are available, and you may also handle user accounts and accept payments in various digital formats.

4. Create a podcast

The popularity of podcasts keeps rising, and now it’s being reported that streaming music service Spotify is spending roughly $1 billion on podcast producers.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and like with any large marketplace, the selection might be overwhelming. The higher the specificity of your podcast’s focus, the more likely it will attract an audience.

Consider the people you often interact with at work and in your social circles, the topics that interest them, and focus on those.

The complicated microphone settings and post-processing are taken care of by software tools such as Riverside FM, making it simpler than ever to generate professional-sounding podcasts.

5. Become a Facebook ads specialist

Facebook’s development and growth have not slowed down and instead increased. That’s why many companies are increasing their Facebook advertising budgets. The catch is that many established companies are clueless about Facebook advertising. Even startups don’t have the luxury of time to study Facebook ad best practices in depth.

For this reason, they are looking for Facebook advertising experts to take over the task. It’s a relatively short learning curve, thankfully. As soon as you do, you’ll be able to approach companies and offer your services to make Facebook more lucrative for them.

6. Become a copywriter

Copywriting involves the art of crafting and delivering persuasive messages to target audiences. Sales sites, email marketing, and high-quality blog posts are all examples.

Copywriting can be a lucrative online career path for those who have a knack for and enjoy writing.

In other words, it’s a fantastic path to personal independence. In addition to letting you set your hours and location, copywriting is a job that can be done remotely. The ability to write persuasively will serve you well in many sectors of your internet business (including, but not limited to, blog creation, affiliate marketing, etc.).

7. Start a paid private Facebook group

You may build a loyal following in a restricted, paid Facebook group.

It provides a platform on which to distribute your content, improves communication among community members, restricts participation to approved users, and lets you maintain administrative control over the community.

An existing website and email list can simplify setting up a paid private Facebook group, but these are by no means considered requirements.

8. Blogger

Starting a niche blog with site builders like Weebly and WordPress is simple, but you need dedication and high-quality content to succeed. To cultivate a dedicated following, you must regularly produce informative content for your viewers. Publishing articles that do one or more of these things will increase the likelihood that your readers will continue to follow you.

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When you’ve mastered consistent content creation, you can start monetizing your blog by selling webinars, e-books, online courses, and digital coaching. There is also the option to buy advertising space or have your content sponsored. Although commercialization may require additional time and effort, the payoff might be substantial for this business strategy. Your site must always use appropriate SSL encryption if you plan to sell digital items online.

9. Virtual assistant

Do you have the ability to multitask and organize your workload effectively? You may put your abilities to use by becoming a virtual assistant. Most VA assistance consists of clerical tasks, including data entry, trip planning, call responding, etc. Prior experience is usually preferred but not needed.

Sites like TaskRabbit and Zirtual make it easy for virtual assistants to find work. You may create a profile, sign up for the tasks you’re interested in (such as data entry, remote help, or small errands), and then begin to build a clientele.

10. An affiliate marketer

If you love writing product reviews for retail giants like Amazon and Shopify, you may want to look into affiliate marketing to monetize your thoughts. Word-of-mouth advertising is still quite effective for many companies. Many businesses will offer commissions to convince people to promote their items to the general public.

11. Online tech support

Many small businesses cannot afford to employ a full-time IT professional, so when problems arise, they often turn to a friend or family member with experience in this area. If you have expertise dealing with computers and networks, you can save people from having to ask for favors as often by offering them immediate remote technical support.

While some companies may place a higher premium on a technical degree, others may place a higher value on your experience and knowledge. To expand your remote tech support business, talk to friends, family, and local business owners about their need for technical assistance. You may also find freelance tech support employment on websites like Upwork.

12. A seller of handmade goods

As brick-and-mortar stores transition to online sales, sites like Etsy and ArtFire have made it much easier for craftspeople to sell their wares online. This is especially true for those who can produce a steady stream of unique, high-quality handmade items, such as crocheted blankets or hand-painted glasses. If you have a particular skill, opening an online shop to sell your wares is a great way to generate money while at home and doing what you love.

Buying supplies in bulk from a craft supplier might significantly reduce your initial outlay of capital for your enterprise. If you can quickly produce and sell your craft on an internet store, you will see a profit. The success rates of local artisans increase when they promote their wares on social media.

13. App developer

Mobile apps are more popular than ever because people are ready to spend a lot of money on them to have greater control over their lives. You can create an app if you know how to code and have an excellent concept. In addition, you may work as an app developer for businesses with specific needs for app creation. Choosing either path requires knowledge of the software

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design and at least two popular programming languages like SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, or iOS.

If you have an app concept but no coding skills, numerous software developers want to collaborate with customers to produce apps. App development might be a lucrative business opportunity depending on your background and abilities.

14. Resume and cover letter writer

Almost everyone has asked for assistance with resume or cover letter writing at some point. Offer your services to anyone who needs help writing a resume or cover letter.

If you want to increase your odds of beginning a thriving resume-writing business, include examples of the resumes and cover letters you’ve helped others write and your résumé and cover letter that got you the job.

15. YouTube tutorials

YouTube simplifies the process of launching online tutorials more than anything else. Post videos in which you instruct viewers on a subject or skill you understand, and promote your channel on social media. However, to generate money off of your tutorials, you’ll need to attract a large enough audience.

16. Telecoaching

It’s possible that some people who seek out tutoring online desire more than just courses. Through a video chat program like Zoom or Skype, you may offer counseling to those interested in enhancing their jobs, bettering their diets, or discovering more profound meaning in their lives.

As a telecoach, your role is to provide guidance, direction, and encouragement to your customers rather than assigning homework and providing marks. Blogs and LinkedIn updates that pertain to the areas in which you offer coaching will help you look more credible and professional to your clientele.


You couldn’t have picked a better moment to start that online business of your dreams. Stop stalling and embark on your journey to success. If you only take that initial step, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is in the future. Pick any of these options and start immediately on the road to financial freedom.

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