NUGS appeals to EC for voter transfer centres on university campuses

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NUGS appeals to EC for voter transfer centres on university campuses

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) to set up voter transfer centres on various University campuses.

This request is aimed at accommodating its members who are registered voters but will be unable to cast their votes in their designated constituencies due to their academic commitments to transfer their votes.

NUGS, the official voice for all Ghanaian students, represents over 12.5 million students from basic to postgraduate level, both locally and internationally.

It is composed of six blocks. The organization’s main objective is to champion the welfare and interests of Ghanaian students. It collaborates actively with relevant stakeholders to advocate for quality and accessible education for all, irrespective of ethnic, social, or religious backgrounds.

On Wednesday, June 5, NUGS in a statement explained that the request was necessitated by the fact that a significant number of its members are currently pursuing their studies in various institutions across the country, far from their hometowns.

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The statement highlighted that many students are currently engaged in mid-semester exams, while final-year students are heavily involved in conducting research for their final project works. The financial strain of commuting between their former voting locations and current campuses, especially considering the country’s economic situation, was also cited as a major concern.

NUGS emphasised the importance of ensuring that these students exercise their constitutional right to vote as stipulated in the 1992 constitution of Ghana; Article 42. It states that “Every citizen of Ghana of eighteen years or above who is of sound mind has the right to vote.”

“A person shall be registered as a voter if they are a citizen of Ghana and are of eighteen years or above” according to Article 43 of the 1992 constitution.

“We kindly request that the Electoral Commission takes the necessary steps to enable the limited transfer of votes for our members, in accordance with the following constitutional requirements: Article 45 which states that “A voter shall vote at the polling station where they are registered” and Article 46 which states that “The Electoral Commission shall make regulations for the transfer of votes.”

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“We believe that this will ensure that our members are not disenfranchised and can fully participate in the democratic process come December2024.”

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