Endurance Grand: Afronitaa is my girl; I call her my boo-boo

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Endurance Grand: Afronitaa is my girl; I call her my boo-boo.

Endurance Dzigbordi Dedzo, a.k.a. Endurance Grand in the entertainment industry, is a Ghanaian dancing sensation who has opened up about her relationship with her fellow dancer, Danita Akosua Yeboah, also known as Afronitaa. Endurance called Afronitaa her girl during an interview on GTV’s breakfast show, adding that they are really cool.

Endurance claims, “we live in a society where people tend to compare two good personalities, they can’t do without comparing, especially on social media. It’s the mindset of the people, but Afronitaa is my girl; I call her my boo-boo, so I’m actually proud of her”

As you may remember, Quables, one of the co-founders of the well-known dance company Dance With Purpose (DWP) Academy, talked candidly about what transpired before Afronitaa left. Former group member Afronitaa left in January of this year following the spread of numerous rumors regarding her departure. Afronitaa repeatedly declined to sign a contract with DWP, according to Quables, who made this revelation in a conversation with YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon.

In the video, Quables said, “Afronitaa’s mother told me that if I will manage Endurance then her daughter will not do it again. First of all, you didn’t sign the contract, and now you are telling me this. On a phone call, she will be like when people call you, stop giving Afronitaa’s job to Endurance Grand.”

Additionally, she said, “the first time I saw her at Britain’s Got Talent, I was like, What? Her slogan, “in it to make history,” speaks a lot of volume, she actually made history. She did it and she got third place and I almost dropped a tear when she was given the microphone to speak. I am proud of her. She added that Afronitaa is a very hard-working girl, and I admire her hard-working spirit.”

“At this age, she is actually creating and defining the narrative, not just for dancers but women in general. I am so proud of her,” she concluded. 

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