Elect a competent leader, ignore tribal and religious sentiments – Dan Botwe to Ghanaians

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Former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Dan Botwe has urged Ghanaians to elect a capable leader in the forthcoming elections.

Mr Botwe highlighted the biblical precedent in Exodus 18, where Moses is advised by his father-in-law, Jethro, to delegate responsibilities to competent individuals.

Speaking to an assembly at the Presbyterian Church in Techiman, he alluded to the narrative involving Moses and Jethro.

“Listen to my advice. Look for abled men. Men who fear God, men who hate covetousness, and put them over the people in the fifties, hundreds, and thousands so as to let them counsel the people, and when they are tired, they give it to you. If this is not democratic practice, what is democratic practice? This is representative governance, able governance. Men who fear God. Men who hate covetousness. When we say we are voting, is that not it?”.

He urged Ghanaians to carefully evaluate the candidates in the election and select those who demonstrate competence, drawing parallels to the biblical account in the book of Acts.

Mr Botwe emphasised that when the disciples needed to replace Judas, they sought a leader aligned with God’s will, urging Ghanaians to do the same devoid of religious sentiments.

“In politics, so many issues can come up. People will say what they don’t know, and whip up tribal and religious sentiments just to get votes. I am not here to tell anyone to vote for NPP, but advise your followers to pray for discernment in order not to bring about trouble.”

According to him, “in both Exodus and the prayer of the Apostles, they asked God who knows the heart of men to elect capable men, men who fear God to be in charge.”

“God knows the heart of men, and if we are doing politics here, he knows it, and we believe when it comes to the choice of capable, able men, men who can do it, and that is why we are here so we can come together so the people God has placed under our care as pastors, so we should look for able men who fear God and put the country in their hands so we can work for the flocks of God and make them comfortable”.

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