Alan Kyerematen calls for a transformative national plan

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Alan Kyerematen calls for a transformative national plan.

The leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, has emphasised the need for a comprehensive plan to transform Ghana, noting that many Ghanaians believe the country lacks a unified development strategy.

Mr Kyeremanten criticised the current state of affairs where individuals pursue their personal agenda without a cohesive national development plan.

He stressed that what Ghanaians need is not just change, but a transformation in their lives.

“If you listen carefully to the majority of Ghanaians, they believe that Ghana needs a plan—a plan that will not just bring change but transformation in our lives,” he stated.

During his engagement with the clergy in Tamale as part of his campaign tour of the Northern Region, Mr Kyeremanten highlighted the recurring issue of unfulfilled political promises.

“Now we have entered into the political season, and it’s amazing how politicians are going around making the same promises today that catapulted them into power. Unfortunately, many of those promises were not fulfilled,” he said.

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Mr Kyeremanten urged Ghanaians to seek leaders who can make a real difference, rather than relying on political parties.

He criticised the “winner-takes-all” syndrome, where successive governments abandon projects initiated by their predecessors.

He also pointed out that while the two major political parties have failed the country, Ghanaians themselves have also played a part in the nation’s stagnation due to a lack of discipline, patriotism, and the pervasive influence of greed and money.

He called for a change in mindset as a crucial step towards achieving the desired transformation.

Furthermore, Mr Kyeremanten advocated for a constitutional referendum to address certain systemic issues, indicating that some changes can only be achieved through such a process.

“There has never been a more compelling time for the country to have an independent candidate as a leader than now,” he noted, urging a move towards more independent and transformative leadership.

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