10 Emerging Tech Predictions for 2024

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Blockchain, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data will be among the hot-button technologies for 2024, areas that MSPs should be aware of and start conversations about with their customers. To help frame those discussions, we asked several industry leaders from the CompTIA Community to share their thoughts and trends around innovative technologies. Here’s what they had to say.

Automation Capabilities Will Improve Operations in Many Industries

“2024 will be a year of heavy focus on automation across many sectors, including IoT, AI/machine learning (ML) and robotics. As industries continue to mitigate capacity constraints and labor challenges, they will be forced to adopt new automation capabilities to ensure they are best leveraging their human capital on mission-critical tasks. This will help upskill workers while automating the more mundane processes. In the manufacturing world, for example, this automation will result in the ability for machine operators to oversee several machines rather than just a single one.” – Jonathan Weiss, chief revenue officer, Eigin Innovations, and member of the CompTIA IoT Advisory Council

Combination of Drones, IoT Devices Will Open New Opportunities

“The convergence of IoT and drones is poised to revolutionize industries. IoT drones are anticipated to harness edge computing for data, ensuring quick responses by processing information on the drone or nearby edge devices. Integrating 5G networks will significantly enhance communication capabilities and range, enabling efficient data transfer between drones and IoT devices. Drones equipped with IoT sensors will play a pivotal role in smart cities, monitoring critical infrastructure and buildings and providing valuable data for preventive maintenance and repairs. As these applications become more widespread, regulatory frameworks will likely evolve in 2024 to ensure IoT drones’ responsible and safe deployment, addressing safety, privacy and airspace management.” — Ted Parisot, co-founder, Helios Visions, and vice chair, CompTIA IoT Advisory Council

New Autonomous Devices and Vehicles Will Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Costs

“Autonomous and assisted navigation GPS/GNSS precise positioning technology product launches are accelerating and we’ll see many new products during 2024 in outdoor robotics, such as commercial robotic lawn mowers (RLMs). This market will leverage scale now deployed in several major automotive Tier 1 consumer vehicles, autonomous trucking and logistics services. Enabled by cloud-based GPS/GNSS correction services, delivery accuracy in logistics services will generate attractive ROI by eliminating costly mistaken delivery errors, improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.” — Chris Link, regional sales director Americas, Swift Navigation, and member of the CompTIA IoT Advisory Council

Data Comprehension Will Get Priority over Data Accumulation

“The rising need for actionable insights stems from the overwhelming volume of available data. Organizations will prioritize comprehension over mere data accumulation. Vendors and companies that are adept at effectively deciphering and providing clear insights will surge ahead of their counterparts.” — MJ Patent, vice president of marketing, Logically, and member of the CompTIA Data Advisory Council

AI, Gaming and Cloud Infrastructure Will Be Catalysts for Adoption, Innovation 

“We will witness a transformative synergy in AI, gaming and cloud infrastructure, driving unparalleled adoption and innovation in Web3. The year has already seen a surge in AI applications, with businesses leveraging tools to enhance efficiency and scale operations. Concurrently, the Web3 gaming sector is revolutionizing asset ownership, shifting control from major studios to individuals. Platforms like Beam and Immutable enable gamers to own, collect and trade game assets, changing what once were black markets into open markets. This burgeoning growth in AI and gaming intensifies the need for accessible and affordable cloud computing. Such infrastructure is becoming indispensable for fostering growth and experimentation in Web3, allowing innovators to push the boundaries of what’s possible. As we advance through 2024, the demand for cloud solutions that cater to these dynamic use cases is set to skyrocket, marking an exciting year for the Web3 ecosystem.” — Jeremy Beal, co-founder, P2P Cloud, and member of the CompTIA Blockchain and Web3 Advisory Council

AI, Automation Will Create the Need for More Amazing Service

“You may think that with AI taking some of the load off service teams, that they wouldn’t need to deliver amazing service, but I think it will be the opposite. I subscribe entirely to Hans Demeyer’s assertion that MSPs need to become ‘Amazingly human in an aggressively digital world.” AI will undoubtedly help automate more tasks, but market-leading MSPs will double down on the service they provide and how they can show those unexpected moments of service brilliance in 2024 to differentiate and stay ahead.” — Dan Scott, IT nation community director, ConnectWise, and chair, CompTIA Community – UK & Ireland

More Conscious Attention to Diversity, Opportunity Around AI

“The hottest topic of 2023 was generative AI, which has been rapidly developing over the past few years. Therefore, the next generation of artificial intelligence represents a form of AI technologies that are empowered to create new content and a new future. I think in all fields of technology, but especially AI, we must be conscience of divides in women and diversity and work to attract, retain, and promote diversity of thought to strengthen equity and opportunity in the future.” — Michelle Ragusa McBain, vice president of global channels, SonicWall, and member of the CompTIA Channel Development Advisory Council

AI, Machine Learning and Generative AI Will Accelerate MSP Innovation

“Customers can only move at the speed of the MSP that manages them. With generative AI pushing its way up from the bottom and workers using it to do better jobs, what does the boardroom need to do to embrace this use and support from the top down? A PWC report suggests work needs to be done in the supply chain.” — Warwick Grey, strategic partnerships liaison, Business Mentors New Zealand, and member of the CompTIA Community – ANZ

Generative AI Will Accelerate Product Development

“In 2024, technology companies will continue to prioritize hyper-automation to efficiently scale systems for MSPs and their clients. This will involve exploring new ways to integrate generative AI which should help to accelerate product growth. As companies continue to venture into the realm of AI, it is essential for them to remember to innovate with a purpose, rather than doing it to merely check a box.” — Vicky Bruns, manager of ecosystem, ConnectWise, and member of the CompTIA Channel Development Industry Advisory Council

The Term ‘AI’ Just Might Become Slightly Overused

“During 2024 the term AI will become the number one term to promote all products, goods, services and strategies above and beyond the IT industry. Plumbers will talk about how AI will assist in the best pipes to use. Dog stylists will use AI to determine that best look for your poodle. AI will help Luddites (although they won’t admit it). ChatGPT will be quoted by parents and babysitters, replacing “because I said so” as the go-to answer to “why?” from 3-year-olds. To be clear, I for one welcome our new AI overlords.”— Bob Coppedge, CEO, Simplex IT, and member of the CompTIA Channel Development Industry Advisory Council

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